Jose Nieto is a singer–songwriter–guitarist born in Cali, Colombia’s musical epicenter. With an innate ear training ability and a deep-rooted troubadour influence, his compositions are based on the daily life of his country and of South America in general, using themes that range from love to lovelessness and from the urban environment to the landscapes of his beloved South America.

Often described as “Latin America’s best musical ambassador in Australia ”, his trajectory as a solo musician has granted him wide national recognition with numerous residencies in some of Melbourne’s most important music venues and invitations to participate in festivals and events across the country. (Sbs radio)

In his career highlight's include : A private recital for Diego El Cigala, support of international star Manu chao in Australian tour 2013 , Australian tour with songwriter  Leon Gieco 2014 , Australian tour  with  Folklore legend  Jaime Torres  2015 , Resumen de noticias : a tribute to Silvio Rodriguez , " Feminas " : a tribute to latinoamerican woman's song's, " Solo le pido a dios " with Aboriginal Australian legend Archie Roach and Leon Gieco.

During his formative years, he was lucky to study under Oscar Huerta, a graduate of the Ignacio Cervantes Conservatory of Havana and a direct disciple of Silvio Rodríguez. In 2004 Jose  formed part of Huari (Culture Messengers), one of Colombia’s most important Andean folklore ensembles.

In 2005-2006 he travelled extensively around South America in pursuit of the clearest expressions of its traditional heritage, playing in all its main cities (Buenos Aires, Salta, Lima, La Paz, Quito, Cochabamba, Guayaquil, Ibarra, among others).

Settling in La Paz in 2006, he started producing the work Niños (Children) together with Heinze and DJ Hassh in The Lounge Studio. This work was completed in his hometown of Cali in mid-2007, with the help of his friend and musician Mauricio Palau. Then he began his Niños tour visiting Bogotá, Quito, Lima, Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile.

In 2008 he started his new production Campesino Recargado (Overloaded Peasant), a relentless plight for the dignity of our South American peasants, which he released in 2011. “We need to be aware of what’s happening to our children and our peasants … we need to be aware of what’s happening to our people … we need to be aware of what’s going on around us with our world … I don’t intend to speak words of wisdom, just to remind us of something that we have forgotten and that we have blended into the urban landscape”.

Having relocated in Melbourne in 2008, he has been an active participant of the local Latin music scene, responsible for the formation of high calibre bands such as Songo Sorongo and his 14-piece original salsa Banda Mundo.

In 2012 he recorded and produced “2012”, a virtuous musical experiment in the form of a monumental opus, a story of his own severed roots and the struggle to grasp a distant and fading identity. He is currently in production of his fourth album, Vive la vida (Live your life), due to be released during late 2013.

His powerful voice and his rhythmical use of the guitar combine in his ability to hold a solo performance that is unique in its capacity to drive the full power of the vibrant rhythms of Latin America directly through the eager spirit of any audience.

2014 -2015  ( Little song's for big souls ) "Pequenhas canciones para grande almas" -- record and concerts " Little Melbourne tour" .

2016 today Jose is finishing two  production's  "Verde"  y "Pequenhas canciones para grandes almas #2".

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